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The Yellowstone-class was a type of Starfleet runabout first deployed in the early 25th century.


The Yellowstone-class was envisioned as a successor to the venerable Danube-class of the 2360s and shared many of its predecessor's systems. It began pre-production in the mid-2390s and the first units entered service in 2402.

In February 2409, 42 Yellowstone-class runabouts were delivered to the fledgling Romulan Republic on New Romulus as part of a military aid package and assigned to various Romulan Republican Force ships and installations.

In July 2409, upon receiving command of the unfinished USS Bajor, Captain Kanril Eleya requested a runabout be added to her ship's auxiliary craft complement. The Yellowstone-class USS Glyrhond was assigned to the Galaxy-class vessel. Kanril would later have the runabout modified to mimic her ship's warp signature to hide her entry into the Ultima Thule system from Orion Syndicate forces.[1]

Technical information

The Yellowstone-class runabout was equipped with a standard tractor beam capable of being used for a warp tow of other vessels.

The class featured an experimental impulse engine powered by tetryon plasma. Pilots quickly learned that this could be turned into a defensive weapon by releasing the gas from the nacelle vents, producing a cloud of plasma that disrupted the warp drives on other vessels.

Ships commissioned

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