Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Alien vs Predator (2004) - Alien

Planet of Origin:

Acheron LV-426


None (semi non-sentient animalistic species)

Environmental Needs:

Various extreme environmental conditions


The Xenomorph or Biomechanoid-Parasiticia (scientific classification) was a parasitoid extraterrestrial species that had lived within the Beta Quadrant. Within the Warship Voyager universe it was theorized that Xenomorphs were a possible evolutionary sub species of BORG. In 2367 the Federation first encountered the Xenomorph on LV-426.


Before the late-mid 24th century Xenomorphs were a little-known parasitic Insecto-reptilian species. In order to breed, a larval Xenomorph, hatched from an egg, would attack a mammalian host, such as a Human or essentially any mammal based humanoid species, and implant an embryo in the host's digestive tract. Over the span of several standard hours, the embryo would begin to grow and the original larva would die.

When gestation was complete, the baby Xenomorph would burst out of its host, killing it in the process. As someone once said, "She'll breed. You'll die." Within a matter of days, the embryo developed into a full-grown Xenomorph. Fully grown Xenomorphs showed many biological similarities to the creatures which they grew within. For example a Xenomorph gestated within a dog or cat might move around on all four legs. Xenomorphs are excellent swimmers and extremely fast.

Societal StructureEdit

Xenomorph society existed centrally as an hive which was controlled by one queen and she would be under the command of the Empress a vastly larger queen that held control over the entirety of the All or Uni-Hive (which was basically all other hives either off or on their own homeworld.

On average, the queen was twice as tough as the drone Xenomorphs that served her. She could use her tail to spear victims and naturally camouflaged herself with wall-coating secretions of bio mimetic resin. In fact the drones were considered vastly less intelligent compared to their Queen, they have showed greater intelligence for even the most basic motor functions such as opening doors.

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