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William Oak was a Starfleet officer best known for being the captain of the USS Galaga. He also was essential to defeating the Borg in 2387 after they assimilated Ultari technology. It was initially believed that he had been killed during the battle but in truth he had survived. He resurfaced in 2408 and joined forces with Arthur Rosslyn and the Children of Khan.


Early LifeEdit

William Oak was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the year 2355. He came from a long line of Starfleet officers and decided to follow in his family's footsteps. He did very well at Starfleet Academy. In the year 2371 he became Captain of the USS Galaga. The Galaga was among the first of the Defiant-class starships. Oak and the Galaga would eventually fight in the Dominion War. Oak took place in the battle of Cardassia that ended the Dominion War.

The Borg InvasionEdit

The Galaga was part of the task force assembled to defeat the Borg after they assimilated Ultari technology. The battle did not go well. The assimilation of the Ultari technology gave them a massive advantage. The task force fought their hardest to quell the Borg but they could not. Only the Templar, Galaga and Intrepid remained. Tristan Marshal was forced to order a retreat. William offered to stay behind and create a diversion so that the Templar and Intrepid could escape. The crew of the Galaga was beamed aboard the Templar. Oak sent the Galaga on a collision course seeking to cripple the battleship. He managed to ram the Borg ship. The Galaga exploded on impact but the Borg ship sustained little damage. It was believed that Oak was killed. A funeral was held. During his eulogy Tristan stated that Oak died a hero.

Assimilation and RescueEdit

In truth, William's body was salvaged by the Borg and his body was rebuilt. He was then assimilated by the Collective. A few years later, the USS Yorktown was attacked by a cube. As a drone, Oak beamed aboard the Yorktown. They managed to remove him from the collective and also his Borg implants. The Yorktown's Captain Arthur Rosslyn came to see him after he had recovered. Rosslyn explained that he was acting independently and that he was waging war against the Federation. Rosslyn offered William the chance to join him. When William refused, Arthur revealed to him that the Federation hadn't even tried to search for him. They had abandoned him. Overcome by anger and grief, William accepted Rosslyn's offer.

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