Vulcanis Lunar Colony is a small settlement located on Earth's moon, Luna. The settlement was colonized by the Vulcans in the late 2150s.

After the Terra Prime incident in 2155, Starfleet Command felt that there should be more collaboration between Humans and Vulcans. Therefore, in 2157, the Vulcanis Lunar Colony was created and built on Luna. It is located near the Daedalus crater. The colony thrived during the 22nd century when many scientists visited the colony and ran notable experiments there, including the first joint Human-Vulcan experiment, a geo-physical stabilizer, in 2207. The technology later became standard equipment on board Starfleet vessels.

The settlement was also equipped with a sickbay. During one day in 2264, one of the settlement's lead Vulcan scientists, T'Meni, went into labor and gave birth to her first child, Tuvok, on Vulcan stardate 38774.0. Her husband and Tuvok's father, Sial, was a Starfleet officer who served at Starfleet's Command Center on Luna. Sial, T'Meni and Tuvok later left the colony in 2268 to live on their native planet, Vulcan.

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