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Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Voyager Defender 01










Photonic Artificial Being (Hologram)


Jupiter Station (Titan)


November 9, 2369


Imperial Federation of United Worlds



Main Weapons Core


NXT Voyager


Command Weapons Defense Hologram


Main Weapons Defense Holographic Program AX-1270 or Voyager Defender 01 for short is the central Command Weapons Defence Hologram System posted aboard the Imperial Federation Warship NXT Voyager to serve as its main Defensive/Offensive weapons tactical core (See Star Trek: Warship Voyager).

Main System Mission ParametersEdit

  1. To serve as a complete and central Defensive/Offensive Weapons system for the safety and completion of Voyagers crew and command mission.
  2. To act as the Emergency Command and Conn Hologram for Voyagers Command Core Hologram if both Captain and Command Hologram cannot perform their duties and there are no other members of the ships organic or mechanical Command Crew that can take their place.

System HistoryEdit

Voyager Defender 01 was created on November 9, 2369 at Imperial Federation Tactical Sciences Research and Development Labs on Jupiter Central Station in orbit over Titan. She was created 1st out of a series of 5 new Prototype Defense Holograms.

Special System FeaturesEdit

Voyager Defender 1 has many new features such as:

  • the ability to convert various parts of either herself or the ships various defense Holographic components into new alien weapons technologies that have been previously Assimilated and fully re-engineered by the Command BORG Bio-Mechanical Weapons Core.
  • The Heisenberg activator and the InterTemporal cannon are 2 new systems that work mainly on the Heisenberg Principal of sub or interatomic dispersal mechanics that are paramount in all Transporter technology by basically focusing the energy forced dispersal rate of any solid object it can either rip or forcefully transport any solid hostile force into any nearby spacial point.

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