The Vorta are a species from the Gamma Quadrant. They are among the most populous species in the Dominion.


The early history of the Dominion is fragmented. What can be determined is that there is some truth to the myth of how the Vorta came into being. A Changeling was being pursued by humanoids when it was hidden by a group of primitive neolithic humanoids, who defended the Changeling. As a token of gratitude, these humanoids were uplifted to intelligence, becoming known as the Vorta and serving as the administrators of the fledgling empire known as the Dominion. 


The Vorta are distinguished by their pale skin and elongated ears. They have two genders and reproduce sexually; females have a pouch where the fetus gestates. Their hearing is excellent, though eyesight can vary. As a race that was genetically uplifted, "upgrades" are common to the species.

Some Vorta are clones, though this is a very small percentage of the population.

Military ServiceEdit

Contrary to appearances, Vorta comprise the bulk of personnel in the Dominion Fleet. They are mostly consigned to shipboard duties, leaving the Jem'Hadar for surface combat. This leads to animosity between the two species, the Vorta viewing the latter as dumb cannon fodder and the Jem'Hadar viewing the former as lazy technicians.

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