October 21st 2352



USS Templar (2385-2410)


Visas is a Vulcan] female who became a prominent member in the cold war against the Ultari.


Childhood on VulcanEdit

From an early age, Visas doubted the ideals of the Vulcan people, saying that they were opposite to their natural instincts. For this, she was cast out of Vulcan society and forced to wander alone on her red homeworld. Eventually, she found a cave where - accordingly - she had a vision of the events of the future: in it, she saw two beings - a raptor, representing the Romulan Star Empire, and Surak, representing the Vulcan people - stand separate while the torrents and calamities of time took their tole on both of them. Eventually, both were utterly swept away by a great wave because they were weak from ages of standing separate when, in essence, they were one people.

At first, she did not understand what this vision meant. But she devoted her life to finding out what it could mean, and so she made a temple around this cave and began to search the Vulcan spirit world for answers to her questions.

An answer came in the physical world when she heard, from T'Pau's daughter T'Pra, of Ambassador Spock's secret mission to Romulus to begin peace negotiations. Visas believed this to be the answer to her vision and she set out once again into the wide galaxy. On Romulus she found Spock and asked to be mentored by him.

Spock said that, since she believed in both logic and emotion, she should seek training from the Federation, who, since they were predominantly human, could offer her greater insight into both logic and emotion than their people ever could. She thanked him for this and then departed.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Visas joined Starfleet Academy and graduated at the top of her classes. During her time at the Academy, she began investigating several discrepancies in the historical records of the Federation and United Earth. Though her concerns were rejected by the faculty, she continued to dig deeper and came upon the conclusion than some of the records had been erased on purpose.

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