Aenar 363

Active virtual Core

The Virtual Astrometric Drive Core System is the primary Helm drive system located on All Imperial Federation Warships within the Helm/StarDrive Bridge. This is the sections primary core unit.


The Virtual Drive Core was 1st designed and constructed by a team of Andorian engineers over 2 centuries ago for primarily their own species in order to improve their own ability to move great distances across the galaxy.

System MechanicsEdit

The main primary component of the drive system is a Neural Interface based device called a Telepresence Unit Core.

Core AbilitiesEdit

The core allows the pilot or user to control from 1 to 10 interlinked sister starships or 15 to 20 small craft at once by utilizing the pilots own brain waves to maneuver it as if it were his/her own body moving back and forth through space.While starfleet has utilized the core system several times before in order to perform missions that were considered far to dangerous for manned spacecraft this will be the first time that a human starship is using this system on a full-time basis.Only an genetically enhanced Andorian known as an Aenar is capable of piloting the drive core successfully.That fact was why helmsman Drod was specifically selected for the Voyager mission.When the core is fully utilized the virtual drive core can allow a single pilot to control over 10 linked sister ships and over 100 Tactical Holo-Ships and nearly 1,000 Tactical Holo-Fighters

Helm/Stardrive Bridge Main SectionEdit

Hopeandfear 110

Astrometric Holo-Wall Tactical Overview (section)

The main section of the StarDrive bridge is the sections massive spherical holo-emitter grid wall which doubles as helms main Astrometrics Lab. The Wall shows a complete 360. 3-Dimensional view of outside space. This allows the ships helmsperson to see in perfect view of all possible course plot points. And during battle is offers a maximum tactical strategic view in which the pilot can positively send out all reinforcement ships and fighters to the best tactical points.

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