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Vek-Xul Industries





Vek-Xul Flex Spacial Gisriven Construction Grid 84

Laid Down:



November 9, 2557





Vesper (Universal Registry Number: NCCC-1804-X) is a Mercenary-class (Vek-Xul Industries) Chrono upgraded Ultra-Ship. The Vesper was a Open Market ship (that also included a partial crew upon sale) was sold to Leeta Anerox Heron for 100 quadrillion Latinum Units (just a few decades before the complete dissolution of a central galactic currency system before the start of the 27th century).

Krenim temporalweaponship

While the Vesper was originally created as a high class luxury vessel, it is currently used as a Mercenary/Exploration Tactical Warship across several local galaxies.

Ship SpecificationsEdit

While the Vesper is originally a primarily Ultra-Warp Capable ship in 2556 it was given a massive Quantum Slip Core to improve ships maneuverability.

  • Ships Compliment:
  • (Standard): 4,000 (150 Command Crew, 1,000 Combat Crew, 2,000 High Tactical and Fighter Crew)
  • (Current): 250 (with full holo-automation) (10 Command Crew, 100 Combat Crew, 50 General skill specific Passengers/Crew)
  • Primary Power Source: 1 Acrilex Crystal Hub Array which powers the Quad Omega-13 molecular core that works both the Quantum and Ultra-Warp drives.
  • Secondary Power Source(s): A series of 10 Dilithium Crystal and Cavorite powered Anti-Gravity Spheres that encircle the main central quantum drive core. A secondary Acrilex Crystal core that powers all main and 2ndary weapons systems independently from the main power core.

Ship SectionsEdit


See Vekxel-class


  • 10 extra new main sections are created when Chrono-Combat Mode is activated they are:
  • 1 Temporal Tactical Combat Section (This was added when the Quantum Drive was connected to the Central Weapons Core)
  • 100 Particle Synthesis Humanoid Generators: these special "Human or Matter" replicators that are located in special sections throughout the ship. The replicators utilize through the process of crystalline Sub-Particle Synthesis can generate an artificial synthetic "Humans" that are mainly used for the emergency purpose of working as extra replacement crew workers that can replace any severely injured or dead crew member.

Crew ManifestEdit

Technical DataEdit

Weapons Systems (Both Defensive And Offensive)Edit

Weapons Systems (Special)Edit

  • the ship itself is 1 massive Chronoton temporal cannon
  • 1 internal BORG Defense Sphere controlled by 1 BORG Imperial Queen (that controls several interconnected Defense High Combat Grids that secretly follow the Vesper through a special Phase Cloak Field.)

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