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Versophysics is the study of physical properties and natures of alternate universes , alternate timelines, quantum realities , and alternate realities. It analyzes how alternate realities diverge, how interactions affect universes, and the dynamics of the multiverse.

Alternate RealityEdit

An alternate reality is a different timeline that has been caused by an alteration in history. It can either overwrite the timeline, or it can diverge directly from the timeline because of the quantum mechanics.

Alternate TimelineEdit

"There could be some logic to the belief that time is fluid like a river, with currents, eddies, backwash."
— Spock

An alternate timeline is where the original timeline has been overwritten by change. The changes are most often caused by travelling to the past, though they can happen independently.

Divergent RealityEdit

A divergent reality can be caused by a "wedging" effect in temporal physics that can cause two timelines to go their separate ways. If the two different realities don't wedge apart properly, the change will overwrite the original. One known incident occurred where the ISS Rubicon was destroyed and split the Mirror Universe from the Prime Universe in this way.

Quantum RealityEdit

A quantum reality has no connection to the Prime Universe and all exist independently. All differences in the quantum realities happen naturally. Each reality has a unique quantum signature, representing the differences in that reality.

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