Alternate timeline
(covers information from Vanguard universe)
Vanguard Fleet
Vanguard command logo


Tenth Fleet


United Federation of Planets



Part of:

Vanguard Command


Current Commander:

FAdm. Maximus Hunter


The mainstay of Vanguard Command is the Vanguard Fleet. It is also known by its official name: the Tenth Fleet. It is composed of three hundred twenty-five (325) combat-equipped starships, plus about dozens of other science and supply starships, all specifically tasked to defend Federation territory in that front of known space, whether from the Borg, the Dominion, the Furies, or any other major galactic threat which may want to enter Federation space from that area, as well as explore and initiate first contact together with the command’s thirty (30) exploratory starship complement to any spacefaring civilization that they may come across in the adjacent uncharted space. Vanguard Fleet is under the direct command of Fleet Admiral Maximus Hunter, who also serves as Flag Officer-in-Command of Vanguard Command and Task Force Enterprise. Vice admiral John Blackbull serves as the Deputy Flag Officer-in-Command of the fleet.

Task Force FormationsEdit

When the area of space under Vanguard Command jurisdiction is not at Code Red, the Vanguard Fleet is split up into different parts. At Code Yellow, the main bulk of the fleet is divided into seven (7) task force formations, namely:

With the exception of Task Force Invincible, which has a total of 68 starships, all other task forces boast of 54 starships each.

Support Task ForcesEdit

The Vanguard Fleet is complemented by the following support task forces:

Secondary FlagshipsEdit

The three Yamato-class Heavy Battleships of the Fleet, the USS Paladin, USS Dauntless and USS Belligerent, as well as the three Suzerain-class Fleet Carriers of the fleet, the USS Viceroy, USS Regent and USS Shogun, can serve as secondary flagships of the Fleet whenever the USS Invincible is sent out on solitary special missions. All six capital ships also have full flag facilities and are the only ones in the Fleet outside of the Invincible equipped with a Quantum Slipstream Drive.

Deployment CodesEdit

At Code Blue, battle group is split up into squadrons. Each squadron has an average strength of five ships. These squadrons are led by the flagship classes, the battleship classes, and the heavy cruiser classes. The remaining squadron, which has a strength of four starships, is headed by the medical cruiser class.

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