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Valtor Grad
Valtor Grad








1925 (symbiont)
2325 (host)



USS Invincible (2385


2373 Command Commander (2385)


Early LifeEdit

Commander Valtor Grad is a Trill whose symbiont is over 450 years old; the Valtor host is Grad's ninth and is in his mid 50s. The two are a stable pairing. Grad is a fatherly, serene personality that like many Trill, takes the long view of problems and situations. It is incredibly rare to see him frightened or angry, or possessed by any other negative emotion; he practically projects calm. Kor is an ex-engineer and ex-scientist and his Trill background and experience allows him to become extremely practical at need. He is a somewhat unconventional tactician, using his knowledge of history to remake past strategies fit present-day events and circumstances. Grad can see the good in almost anyone, and often struggles to make others of low self-esteem see themselves as he sees them.

Never mind the fact that the man has hundreds of years of memories and experience under his belt from his past lives. Grad is simply one capable officer. Everything he does, he does just about perfectly. He'd be well suited for just about any position on the crew.

But among his fellow peers, Grad is best suited for the position of Ops. He is alert, extremely resourceful, and like a Vulcan, even headed in a crisis. Although the position may be a bit boring for him considering his past experience, Grad would keep the ship's general systems running smoothly at all times.

Vanguard CommandEdit

As Chief Operations Officer aboard the USS Invincible, Grad's primary post is at the Ops console on the main bridge. Aboard Starfleet vessels the Operations Officer is in charge of communications, sensors, environmental systems and hangar deck operations. This duty assignment is tasked with conducting all forms of sensor sweeps including planetary reconnaissance scans. The Ops Officer often must coordinate directly with the Chief Engineer to ensure that all of her systems are maintained at optimal performance. When no engineer is on the bridge, the Operations Officer sees to any engineering matters that may arise. Although the transporter systems are Engineering Department assets, it is the Operations Department that puts them to use. In regards to special environmental conditions required for alien crewmembers or visitors, the Operations Officer must coordinates with the ship's Chief Medical Officer. The Ops Department head position is in charge of the recreation areas of the ship as well, such as the various recreation rooms, gymnasiums and holodecks. The Ops Officer will also work very closely with the ship's Conn Officer with respect to the use of the Invincible's hangar decks, since the Conn Officer is responsible for flying the shuttles and training shuttle pilots. While the Operations Officer is an important job, this post is often filled by junior officers, Lieutenants and below. Essentially, the Operations Department monitors and controls the use of all ship systems not ostensibly involved with propulsion, navigation, or combat.

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