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Battleship , multi-mission explorer


Federation, Starfleet



















Warp 9.995 + Quantum slipstream drive


10 torpedo launchers, transquantic torpedo launcher, 40 phaser banks, gravitic lance,


Regenerative , Ablative Armour


cestus (frigates)


The Universe-class (Pioneerverse Independence-class) was a multi-mission explorer and battleship utilised by Starfleet from the 26th century.


The class was first launched at some point in the 26th century. It was a sister design of the Congo-class.

The Universe-class Enterprise-J would go on to be the Federation's flagship during the Battle of Procyon V against the Sphere Builders.

Alternate History Edit

Pioneerverse Edit

Starfleet began looking at ideas and possibilities of a new starship around 2554, as there had been no new makes since 2542. As there were more attacks against the Federation and her allies, Starfleet asked designers to create a battleship. The Independence-class was therefore brought into being. Designing started in 2554, but fell foul of several design flaws. As there had been no other class of vessels built for over 12 years, designers found it difficult to come up with a starship that could be large, maneuverable, and heavily armed.

The first ship of its kind was the USS Enterprise-J, which started construction four years after the original plans had been first introduced in 2558.

The Enterprise-J would go on to be the Federation's flagship during the Battle of Procyon V against the Sphere Builders and their Temporal Liberation Front allies.

The Gravitic lance was developed to model after the power of the Tox Uthat which was integrated into the Enterprise-J during the battle of procyon V to destroy the sphere builder's command sphere.

The Indpendence-class hearkened back to one of Starfleet's first warp ships, the Enterprise, as the navigational deflector was shaped in much the same way.

The second ship had the title of it's class, the USS Independence, constructed in 2565.

In 2573, an experimental torpedo system, known as transquantic torpedoes, were installed on the Enterprise-J. They were tested several times before being installed as standard issue on Independence-class ships from 2575.

The USS Arella-I, the third Independence-class ship to be constructed, began its creation in 2575.

The three Independence-class ships constructed by this point were proving invaluable and a stunning success, and the Federation became less and less threatened by its enemies. This led to a period when no ships were constructed, until 2595, when work began on the USS Pioneer.

The Independence-class became incredibly powerful, and it was compared in firepower to the in-production Klingon D11 battlecruisers. (PIO: "On a Knife Edge")

Technical specificationsEdit


Although the class of ship is very big it has a crew complement of just 700 people. Over 250 of these are security personnel.

Deck PlanEdit

Deck No Ship Locations
1 Bridge, Captain's Ready room, Phaser locker
2 Conference lounge, 360° observation area (To the aft of the ship)
3 Mess Hall, Galley, Airponics bay
4 Captain's Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters, Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, Dorsal Phaser Arrays
5 Cargo Bay 1, Weapons locker
6 Sickbay, General Crew Quarters, Dorsal phaser arrays
7 Quarters for Security Personnel, Tactical Training Holodeck
8 Armoury, Cargo Bay 2, Dorsal phaser arrays
9 Main Brig, Astrometrics Lab, Stellar Cartography
10 Cargo Bay 3, General Crew Quarters
11 Holodecks 1-4, Transporter Rooms 3-6, Impulse reactors (Aft)
12 Main Shuttlebay (Aft), Deflector Control
13 Upper Engineering Deck, Cargo Bay 4
14 Main Engineering Deck, Torpedo Bays (Aft)
15 Lower Engineering Deck, Forward Torpedo Launchers
16 Battle bridge, Secondary Shuttlebay
17 Secondary Brig, Cargo Bay 5
18 Ventral phaser arrays, Guest quarters
19 Environmental Control, Secondary Warp Core
20 Command center
21 Captain's Yacht
22 Gymnasium
23 Cargo Bay 6

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