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The United Planets of America is the Federation equivalent in Elitolu Universe. It has been known to be the second smallest government in the Alpha Quadrant. It is allied with the United Planets of Great Britain and Ireland.



After the Expansion Act of the Soviet Union, and the invasions of Switzerland and Germany, the United States of America and United Kingdom both took precautions. It wasn't until the USSR made an attempt to invade England, when the Eurasian War took place. During that time, the NASA was developing satellites to scan in Soviet Territory. The war lasted twenty years. There was a cold war until there was the Race to Space between the United States and Soviet Union. It took three years before the United States got to the moon first. NASA soon launched the Interplanetary Foundation. Which was to get to other planets quickly. After getting to Mars, they started to colonize the two. Time expanded until the 2060's when the Warp Drive was invented by an American man, Zefram Conrache. After the discovery, they went to Alpha Centauri to start Colonizing immediately. The colonies were soon instated as states. The United Planets of America was made.

The American-Soviet WarEdit

Main article: American-Soviet War I

A war started as the Soviets started their own colonies on Alpha Centauri II and started taking over China and Mongolia. United Kingdom joined the United Planets along with many other European countries to start getting colonies for their individual countries under jurisdiction of the Americans. The USSR started attacking Alpha Centauri I. The Americans declared war in 2091. The War brought many ships, including the UPA Enterprise (ASR-01). The war had lasted thirty years before the Soviets had lost and refrained back to it's colonies. After the War, the Vulcans decided to join the UPA. As they found their government promising and ability to withstand other violent factions in the area. Vulcans later joined, alongside the Andorians to form the first interracial government in the Alpha Quadrant. The Klingons fought alongside the Americans against the Soviet Union shortly after the Romulans joined the USSR. Other countries started with the war effort, trying to vanquish the Soviets from Earth. The war ended ten years later after twelve million deaths. The USSR left Earth and disappeared towards the North-Western part of the Alpha Quadrant. After that, the United Planets had started the American Starfleet, which was made to protect borders and explore areas unknown. The war was officially ended.

Space OrganizationsEdit

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