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2150 (when final holdouts joined)


United Federation of Planets (from 2161)







Commanding Officers:

Tiberius Kirk


United Earth Space Probe Agency
United Earth Stellar Navy (UESN)
United Earth Air Force (UEAF)
United Earth Intelligence
United Earth Diplomatic Corps


The United Earth Government (sometimes called simply United Earth) was the governing supreme entity on Earth from the 22nd century onward.


Early AttemptsEdit

Though attempts at uniting the governing entities of Earth existed as far back as 1945 with the United Nations, these eventually fell through with World War III.


After First Contact in 2063, Zefram Cochrane called for the nations of the world to put aside their "differences" and unite for the common good. The Eastern Coalition was one of few groups that refused help, inciting the anger of the other groups that began unifying.

A secret society known only as the Brotherhood came before the Cochrane Movement, offering to help them unite Earth if they would comply to their ideas. The Movement wasn't convinced until, in 2079, the Eastern Coalition collapsed. The Brotherhood then took key places within the Movement and influenced all of its actions, including several pogroms against "undesirables", mostly religious groups such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

By 2113, the Cochrane Movement was formally dissolved, since the United Earth Government had officially "eliminated war, poverty, disease and the causes thereof". However, various conflicts among religious groups continued until the Christmas Day Massacre. Five years later, the nominal "empowerment" of the United Earth Government in 2113 became truth.


The governmental system of the United Earth Government is similar to socialism, though its members have been quick to say that it is "complicated" in order to avoid criticism.


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