The United British Empire is the dominant government and nation of Humans in the universe of Newmarduk's Star Trek.  It's capital is London on Earth, but it is widespread in interstellar space. 


The population of the United Empire is mostly non-Human, and it includes alien races like Vulcans (see Vulcan (species), Andorians, Tellarites, Rigellians, Bolians, Bajorans, and other non-human races.  Non-human governments have local autonomy on their home planets, and non-humans are elected or appointed to both houses of the Parliament of the United British Empire (the Houses of Lords and Commons).

Relations with Foreign PowersEdit

The United British Empire has had frequent encounters with foreign powers including the Ferengi, the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, and the Romulan Star Empire.  Private corporations in the United Empire face an economic threat from the business-savvy Ferengi merchant houses, while the United Empire's Royal Starfleet has had countless armed battles with the Klingons, Cardassians, and Romulans.

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