The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was a Communist organization of Earth started in 1917.


The Soviet Union stemmed from the teachings of Earth historian Karl Marx, largely regarded as the father of communism and a pivotal figure in the development of socialism. When Russia ended the Romanov Dynasty, thereby taking power away from the Czar and placing it into the hands of Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Revolution.

See main article on Communism for its history and beliefs.

Satellites, Blocs and RepublicsEdit

Here is a list of countries that both formerly and (as of 2405) are still members of the Soviet Union.

  • Armenia (Original member)
  • Azerbaijan (Original member)
  • Belarus (Original member)
  • China (joined after the fall of the Eastern Coalition)
  • Estonia (As of 1945)
  • Finland (As of 2063)
  • Georgia (Original member)
  • Kazakhstan (Original member)
  • Kyrgyzstan (Original member)
  • Latvia (As of 1945)
  • Lithuania (As of 1945)
  • Moldova (Original member)
  • Mongolia (As of 2063)
  • Russia (Founder)
  • Siberia (Split from Russia, 2063)
  • Tajikistan (Original member)
  • Turkmenistan (Original member)
  • Ukraine (Original member)
  • Uzbekistan (Original member)

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