Within Standard units of spacial measurement by the Imperial Federation of United Worlds in 2368 (and much later by Starfleet in the mid 25th century.) A Uni-Parsec also known within some in the scientific community as a Mega-Parsec is the unit of distance of both across and between galaxies as reached by Trans Faster Than Light propulsion systems such as Slipstream, Ultra Warp, or InterQuadratal Warp Drive systems.

Unit Measurement BasicsEdit

Most Uni-Parsec measurement standards are calculated by the currently known size and ratio of our own local galaxy the Milky Way. According to last scans of the Starfleet Galactic AU Survey and Census our galaxy measured at 100,000 Light years across and 1,000 Light years high. By this calculation an average Uni-Parsec is a distance of well over 12,000,000,000,000,000,000 Miles across, however this is only the distance from 1 edge of the Galaxy to the other so it is more likely that a Uni-Parsecs distance between galaxies is nearly or at double this measurement.

According to current statistics our nearest galaxy Andromeda is surprisingly only 0.77 Uni-Mpc away from Earth/Mars

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