Ultari are an obscure humanoid species originating from the planet Thessia, beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

Militant HistoryEdit

First InvasionEdit

Ultari come from without the Milky Way Galaxy. Originally, they had been overthrown by the Kelvan Empire, which wanted to conquer all life that was inferior to their own. When that empire fell, the Ultari created their own autocracy and began a new era of warfare. They began to advance into The Milky Way, leading to skirmishes with the Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, and several other species. The war between them lasted only a year and the Ultari were quickly beaten back. They retreated back to Thessia and began building up their military forces to resume the war between them.

Temporal Cold WarEdit

Throughout the 25th century, several off-and-on skirmishes between the Federation and the Ultari took place. By this time, an area of space near the Typhon Expanse had become known as the "Ultari Neutral Zone", since their ships were known to appear in this sector. In the wake of this, Typhon III was abandoned and the slaves thereon were left to fend for themselves.

Second InvasionEdit


The Ultari look very similar to humans. But, they had noticeably angular features, slanting eyebrows, and pointed ears, and they were generally tall and slim. Their most distinctive features were bright markings on the sides of their heads and yellow cat-like eyes. The Ultari have inhuman strength and speed. Ultari generally lived to about 300 years, retaining their youthful appearance well into their lives. Ultari healed quickly and were immune to disease or poison.

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