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USS Firebrand side view

The USS de Grasse (NCC-68716) was a Freedom-class starship in service to Starfleet from the mid-to-late 24th century.

Service History Edit

The de Grasse was named for Lieutenant Général des Armées Navales François Joseph Paul de Grasse, a French admiral who led the French fleet at the Battle of the Chesapeake during the American Revolution. She entered service in 2357 under the command of Captain Hrnint Lalh.

In 2372, the de Grasse lost over a half of its crew, including its commanding officer and first officer, while patrolling the Federation-Tzenkethi border to a Borg cube that jumped out of transwarp in the de Grasse's vicinity.

Dominion War Edit

From late 2373 to 2375, the de Grasse was assigned to protect Betazed as a member of the Tenth Fleet during the Dominion War under the command of its former first officer, Mark Nelsen. While on a training exercise, the de Grasse and other Tenth Fleet ships were caught off guard by the Dominion. The Tenth was badly crippled and were forced to retreat. The de Grasse had taken numerous casualties and the ship itself was to the point of near destruction.

In 2375, the Tenth Fleet, teamed with the Fourth Fleet and Romulans, launched an attack on the Dominion to reclaim Betazed, and although the invasion failed, the Fleet was able to loosen the grip the Dominion had on the planet. It was during this that first officer Stulik was reported missing in action.

Post-War Edit

When the Borg Invasion of 2381 began the de Grasse's first officer, Christopher McKeown, transferred to the USS Gjirokastër as the commanding officer.

Crew ManifestEdit

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