USS Tee-Run
USS Tee-Run Exploding






Destroyed (2275)



Utopia Planitia

Laid Down:






Nebulas Class Starship

The USS Tee-Run (NCC-75221) was a Nebulas-class Explorer in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century. The Tee-Run was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2272 and was placed under the command of Commander Fergison then after its shakedown cruise was placed under the command of Captain McGreggor.


The USS Tee-Run got caught in a mysterious magnetic field and was being hit by plasma discharges that made the ship lose power and cripple the ships super-structure. Captain McGreggor ordered an emergency distress call, which was picked up by the USS Discovery. The Discovery at maximum speed arrived 2 hours later to aid the battered and in loss of power USS Tee-Run. The Discovery fired a tractor beam to try and pull the Tee-Run out of the Magnetic Field but it was too strong. A few seconds later the Tee-Run’s saucer exploded with the extreme stress. The explosion was so big that it killed the rest of the crew in the engineering section of the ship and managed to break the ship out of the Magnetic Field, the remaining part of the ship then headed straight for the Discovery and without time to move fired and destroyed what was left of the Tee-Run. A few days later the Discovery got caught in the same Magnetic Field by some alien while trying to investigate what happened to the Tee-Run. Luckily the Discovery managed to get out of the Magnetic Field by firing a Cobalt Bomb into the Nebula destroying the entire Magnetic Field and the alien that made both the Tee-Run and the Discovery get caught in the Magnetic Field.

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