USS Queen of the West




Ambassador III


Supply cruiser


Federation, Starfleet


Destroyed (2372)



Bolarus Prime Shipyard







Phasers, Quantum torpedoes


The USS Queen of the West (NCC-26965) was a Ambassador III-class supply cruiser commissioned in 2370. She spent two years delivering supplies throughout the Alpha Quadrant.

Service HistoryEdit


The Queen of the West was built at the Bolarus Prime Shipyard using an unused Ambassador-class frame. She was named after the USS Queen of the West, a sidewheel steamer used as a ram during the American Civil War. Construction of the Queen of the West was supervised by Admiral Hrnint Lalh.

During its shakedown, the Queen of the West accidentally collided with the Oberth-class USS Keldysh. Although the Queen of the West suffered minimal damage, the Keldysh was damaged beyond repair. The following prompted an investigation which revealed the incident was caused by a miscommunication between the Keldysh's captain and the shipyard's communications operators.

In 2370, the newly completed Queen of the West was placed under the command of Captain L. Arthur Randolph after a request by Admiral Lalh.

Voyages in the Alpha QuadrantEdit

Soon after being commissioned, the Queen of the West was assigned its first mission, to deliver supplies to the world of Ing, an Orion colony that had become a member of the Federation. While unloading, she was hijacked by a group of anti-Federation extremists. The situation was resolved when the USS Enterprise arrived and was able to defeat the extremists.

In 2371, Randolph took the Queen of the West into the Demilitarized Zone to deliver supplies to the Maquis in secret. Halfway into the demilitarized zone, Randolph was caught, put on trial, and court martialed for his actions, he was replaced by Commander Alyssa Ford.

In late 2371, the Queen of the West, after transporting supplies to Deep Space 6, had to be quarantined when some crewmen contracted the Mabgonian plague.


In 2372, the Dominion reluctantly agreed to allow the Queen of the West to deliver supplies to a Bajoran colony that had been annexed by the Dominion. While in the Gamma Quadrant, the Queen of the West was sabotaged by Section 31 resulting in her destruction and the death of all hands onboard. The Federation soon blamed the Dominion for the Queen of the West's destruction, while the Dominion denied the acquisitions made by Starfleet, resulting in the already strained Federation-Dominion relations to become even more tense.


In 2373, Starfleet began construction on the USS Queen of the West-A. Construction would be completed in 2379.

Alternate TimelinesEdit

DFS Queen of the WestEdit

The DFS Queen of the West (Dominion-Federation Ship) existed in a timeline where the Federation had chosen to become a Dominion member. In this timeline, the Breen-Cardassian-Dominion-Federation Alliance had easily defeated the opposing Romulan-Klingon Alliance, the Federation had become little more than a puppet state of the Dominion, and the Dominion was continuing its conquest of the Alpha Quadrant. The DFS Queen of the West was assisting in the war effort against the Tholians.

Crew manifestEdit

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