USS Poseidon
USS Poseidon




Excalibur I






The USS Poseidon (NCC-79691) was ordered to retrieve the Federation council including President Usainas Bolliandon, who was captured by the Dominion in 2375. The newly outfitted Poseidon left Starbase 259 under the command of Captain Greggor and accompanied by Captain Smith headed for Cardassian territory. The Poseidon managed to reach Cardassia III where it was greeted by 4 Galor-class battlecruisers that were easily defeated by the Poseidon’s new Quantum torpedoes. The Poseidon easily sent down an away party led by Captain Smith and retrieved the Council Members. After the first stage of the mission was complete the Poseidon left orbit and sped at Maximum Warp towards Federation Space. Unfortunately the Poseidon was attacked by six Jem'Hadar Attack Fighters, the Poseidon destroyed two of the fighters but was overwhelmed by the other four fighters. Before the ship spiraled towards a Gas Giant Planet, Captain Greggor and Captain Smith managed to get the council members to a shuttle before the ship burnt up and exploded in the planets atmosphere.