USS Pericles






Destroyed 2346


The USS Pericles (NCC-10000), was a prototype Invincible-class Starfleet battle-ship created for the sole command of Admiral Sanders.


In 2346, the Admiral received notice that the USS Enterprise-C and her sister ship the USS Admonitor were engaged in rescuing Klingons on Khitomer. He took command of the Pericles and sent it to intercept. The Enterprise, however, was swarmed by Klingon Birds-of-Prey and it seemed that it would be destroyed until the ships turned to defend it against the Pericles and the Romulan Warbirds. The Admonitor had gone into the planet's atmosphere, and therefore was out of the Pericles reach. Sanders ordered the ship to bombard Khitomer in order to hopefully catch the Admonitor in the bombardment, but it was then attacked by the Klingons. When Sanders took up his Relon-powered battle-suit, he gained their psionic powers, which enabled him to telekinetically pull the Pericles down from orbit with all 4000 crewmen still onboard and crash it into the planet.

Fortunately, collateral damage was not as bad as it might have been due to a bold maneuver by Commander Nox of the USS Admonitor, during which he activated the ship's S'srellian Manual Override Control and flew the ship in the path of the colliding Pericles, using a wide-sweep transporter beam to save 235 Klingon and 347 Humans from the incoming ship (more might have been saved, but the Admonitor was already full after that run).
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