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The USS Pathfinder (NCC-75361) is a Nova-class starship with a mission to explore the Gamma Quadrant. The ship was under the command of Captain Victoria Dixon. The Vessel was refitted with heavy weapons and stronger shields. Also her warp drive was upgraded so the ship could travel at a maximum speed of warp 9.5.

Mission into the wormholeEdit

The Pathfinder left Deep Space Nine in 2375 and enters the wormhole and starts her mission. The crew pick up a class-M planet and set a course but soon come under attack by a race called the Omander. The Pathfinder is able to fight them off and head for the class-M world to find it to be a waste land thanks to the Omanders. Captain Dixon gives the order to press on and the ship moves throw Omander space. During there year long mission through the Omander space the ship was attacked by the Omanders many times. However in one engagement Captain Dixon was kidnapped and beamed over to Omanders flagship. There the Omander Commander fell in love with Captain Dixon and once them two sat down and talked the Omanders escorted the Pathfinder out of there space.

main bridge of the USS Pathfinder

Second year in the Gamma QuadrantEdit

The Pathfinder charted what was once Dominion space. The crew came across and planet with a thousand Dominion troops frozen ready for whenever the next war began. Captain Dixon soon found out that this was a plan to invade the Alpha Quadrant so she gave the order to fire six photon torpedoes at building were the troops were destroying it before the invasion could happen. The Pathfinder pressed on until it entered an area of space called the blackheart Expanse. In its three months of travel through the expanse the ship came under attack from raiders and left over Dominion ships. The Pathfinder was able to escape the expanse and head on deeper in the Gamma Quadrant.

Third year in the Gamma QuadrantEdit

By the third year the Pathfinder had made first contact with 50 new life forms and catalogued six hundred planets, moon stars and other things. In the middle of the third year Captain Dixon and her crew came face to face with the Borg. The encounter ended up with the Pathfinder being badly damaged and it crew complement down to just 50 out of 110. Captain Dixon called the mission off and the Pathfinder set a course back to Alpha Quadrant. The trip back to the Wormhole would take another three years.

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