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USS Ouroboros






Section 31




In an alternate future, the USS Ouroboros (NCC-991955) is a Wells-class temporal ship whose primary mission was against the entity known as The Void.


By the 31st century, the Federation had long collapsed and the Relon Empire's genocide of the races of the Galaxy was ongoing. A group of survivors had found an abandoned temporal ship and used it as a base. That ship was the Ouroboros.

Hatcher believed that they could find sufficient power to destroy the Relons by enlisting the aid of the Only, whereas Christopher Steel believed that the answer remained somewhere in time. When Hatcher's plan failed, the ship returned to the 31st century, attempting to learn what they could about how the future was altered. They discovered that the Federation had collapsed due to infighting during the early 25th century, and they sent their ship back in time to investigate. They found nothing at first, and were ready to return to their own time...

But the discovery of a group known as The Void led to a startling new discovery. In an attempt to destroy the entire universe, The Void had opened a black hole in distant galaxy during a climactic battle between the Federation and several others. However, they knew nothing of how the events would turn out until they discovered Elizabeth Djurhuus, a woman from that time who had some role in the events of the early 25th century. From her, they learned somewhat of how The Void was able to gain such support, but still did not know exactly how it accomplished what it did.

Christopher Steel believed that it was a temporal cold war they were attempting to start, and so began making several trips back into the 25th century to discover what had caused the Federation's collapse.

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