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USS Olokun






Federation, Starfleet


Under construction (April 2410)



Okana Shipyard

Laid Down:

July 2409 (as USS Ho Chi Minh City)

For additional meanings of "USS Olokun", please see USS Olokun (disambiguation).

The USS Olokun (NCC-93794-A) was a Federation Avenger-class battlecruiser set to launch in 2410. (B&S: "To Absent Friends")


Hull number NCC-97510, initially designated the USS Ho Chi Minh City, was part of the first production order of twelve Avenger-class starships after the approval of the class prototype USS Avenger. Her keel was laid at the Okana Shipyard on Bajor in July 2409, with an expected launch date the following May.

In early February 2410 the USS Olokun (NCC-93794) was lost supporting the USS Bajor during a battle against Terran Imperial Starfleet forces in the Arawath system, with Lieutenant Commander T'Var interposing her vessel between the larger Galaxy-class and an oncoming Defiant-class ship attempting to ram the Bajor. In recognition of the act of heroism the Ho Chi Minh City was renamed USS Olokun. (B&S: "To Absent Friends")

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