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USS Olokun
Ushaan-class Escort








Federation, Starfleet


Destroyed (2410)





The USS Olokun (NCC-93794) was an Ushaan-class starship that was in service in 2409 as part of the Eighth Fleet.

In December 2409 Lieutenant Commander T'Var, previously the operations officer of the USS Bajor, was assigned as commanding officer. The Olokun was her first command. (B&S: "Arrivals and Departures")

In January 2410 the Eighth Fleet engaged an Undine armada headed for the Sol system. The Olokun was one of only six vessels to survive the battle intact. Afterward, Rear Admiral Eviku nd'Ashalef volunteered the remnants of the Olokun's squadron for an attack on a Terran Imperial Starfleet base in the Arawath system. (TWR: "Storm Before the Calm")

The Olokun fought in the subsequent battle as an escort to the USS Bajor and destroyed at least two capital ships in conjunction with other vessels in the fleet. Near the end of the battle its main cannons were damaged by a torpedo volley from an enemy Armitage-class starship, forcing T'Var to send the ship onto a collision course with an enemy Defiant-class to stop a ramming attack against the Bajor. Both vessels were destroyed and only seventeen members of her crew survived. (TWR: "Best Laid Plans")

The Olokun was succeeded in name by the Avenger-class USS Olokun-A, and T'Var was posthumously awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor. (B&S: "The Souls I Carry")


The Olokun is named for Olokun, a figure from Yoruba mythology associated with the sea.