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Utopia Planitia

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The USS Nebulas (NCC-69117) was the Nebulas-class prototype starship. The Nebulas was designed in 2251 and this type of ship was to reshape the strength and look of the Federation fleet. Starfleet wanted this ship able to fight off enemies such as the Folains and the Jelorans but was more in the field of science. Engineers also designed the ship with a complicated structure and new technologies such as a new Duotronic Type Computer system. The most advanced piece of technology - the Transwarp Drive. By 2266 the Nebulas was launched and tested but unfortunately, the Transwarp system failed to work that was then replaced with a traditional warp drive system.


The USS Nebulas (NCC-69117) has been assigned with different Captains and crew throughout the years and hasn't ever had a stable crew. The ship has been on a few science missions with various ships such as the USS Discovery and has been in a several battles. Mostly defending the Federation border. This is shown in 2275 where the USS Columbia signaled some other ships (that included the Nebulas) in nearby sectors to come and assist. After 2 days of scanning the area they found nothing. Just then a fleet of Jeloran warships came out of the a nearby nebula and gave a surprise attack on the Federation Fleet. The first shot rendered near completely disable the Nebulas by crippling the Warp Engines, Impulse Engines, destroying the Shield Generator and the Torpedo Launchers. The first attack also badly crippled the Columbia’s Warp Engines and Shields. Although the Federation Fleet was badly damaged the Columbia managed to win the battle by Captain Jacob ordering the ship to head straight for the lead ship at full Impulse. From the perspective of the Nebulas it appeared that the Columbia was performing a kamikaze run. But the Columbia went through the Jeloran ships shields then fired every weapon destroying the ship. After what is now known as Battle of T'Kara the Nebulas returned to Utopia Planitia where it received extensive repairs. And after 7 months of repairs was sent off to the Outer Ring to begin exploration again.


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