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The USS Monitor (NCC-1713) was a Constitution-class starship in service in the 23rd century. It was commissioned in 2265, the same year Captain James T. Kirk set off on his 5 year exploration mission. This was the second vessel that Captain Scott Shepherd served on, during his time as a Lieutenant junior grade and Lieutenant. He joined the crew in 2268.

In 2269, Lieutenant Lawrence Styles transferred from the Monitor to the USS Enterprise, the same year Lieutenant JG Scott Shepherd was promoted to Lieutenant. The ship explored the vast unknown that was the Alpha Quadrant. It encountered the Enterprise twice during its 5 years of exploration. It fought with both the Klingons and the Romulans until it was destroyed in 2270, by the destruction of a planetary system, caused by one of the planet's cores imploding. A surge spread throughout the system, causing the sun to go supernova, obliterating the Monitor and the entire D'Navi system. An away mission of 17 crew members was away at the time, saving the team from their ship's demise. Lieutenant Scott Shepherd was a member of that team. Shepherd would later briefly leave Starfleet to return to Earth and look after his niece, whose mother and father had died. He would later join another starship in 2276.

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