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USS Leviathon
















  • Phaser Banks
  • Photon Torpedo Launchers
  • Quantum Torpedo Launchers
  • Cutting Beam Banks

    The USS Leviathon (NCC-2050) is a Federation starship that was designed when the USS Vengeance was built. It was the third Dreadnought-class to be constructed. It was kept hidden from the general public after Khan Noonien Singh captured the Vengeance.


    By the year 2390, the USS Leviathon was bought out once more and this time was modified with new weapons and technology that can match enemies such as the Borg. Daniel Rogers and Sarah Murphy were given the USS Leviathon after their heroics against the Romulan group called the "Empty Crowns", while defending the Enterprise who were transporting the Hazard Team to a planet within the Beta Quadrant. The USS Valkyrie proved a worthy opponent against the Romulan vessels and destroyed both of them.



    The technology that is integrated aboard the Leviathon is known to be very advanced and able to integrate other technologies into the ship in order to improve the vessel's effective and maximum potential. The armaments of the ship is a powerful asset and there are many different kinds of weapons that are armed on many different parts of the ship. The weapons consist of standard phaser banks, photon torpedo launchers and even quantum torpedoes, but also possess weapons such as Borg Cutting Beam Banks and even powerfully modified pulse phaser banks. The vessel also possesses advanced sensors and even new shields, as well as Ablative Armor have been modified on board the ship. The ship's warp core is also modified to travel past warp 9 and can go up to warp 12. The ship has also been given a supply of fighters that allow it to battle vessels such as the Dominion vessels and even Bird of Preys. Aside from its primary warp core, the Leviathon also possess a secondary warp core so that if the primary core is either damaged or needs to be ejected to save the ship from subspace tares and even black holes, they is a secondary method of getting to their desired location at the speed of light. They also possess all the other equipment which allows a crew to live on board, including escape pods and even lifeboats. With permission from Starfleet; this ship is also known to possess a highly advanced; experimental and universal cloaking device designed to only respond to Captain Rogers as he is its creator.

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