USS Lesotho






Federation, Starfleet


Destroyed 2385


The USS Lesotho (NCC-5850-A) was a secondary starship to the station Venus Aren Three in the Delta Quadrant, under the command of Captain John Ainain.


The ship was commissioned due to the weakness of the shuttles that VA3 were using. The ship entered service in 2384.

The Battle of ArenEdit

The Lesotho was critical in the Federations victory in the Battle of Aren. The ship was a protection for VA3, should the ship not have been there, VA3 would have been destroyed and the Arekeys would have won the war. However, the ship could not have stopped a Arekey, Skel Fetool, from stealing the Orb of Aren.


The 'Anti Warship Lesotho Agency' argued that the ship was too heavily armed, and was the reason that the Arekeys kept attacking VA3. Those critics were silenced when the Lesotho destroyed an Arekey ship, which nearly entered the wormhole. AWLA disbanded after this.

The Invasion of Sector 001Edit

An Arekey ship eventually reached the Alpha Quadrant and Sector 001 but it was destroyed by the Lesotho before it could beam anyone down to Earth.

Elluy IIIEdit

The ship was boarded by Arekeys in December 2384. Captain Ainain and Commander Dertin had no choice but to activate the self-destruct. The self-destruct was successful and the ship was destroyed.

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