USS Ivan






Federation, Starfleet




The USS Ivan (NCC-550) was a Cochise-class and served as the Lead Tactical Destroyer in the 4th Task squadron under the command of Admiral Jeol Nissan. This ship helped defend the Excalibur during Tholian Raids. The Ivan and many other Destroyers were a vital asset to the Tholian Conflicts using them as main attack ships weakening the Tholian front for the Fighter/Carriers, and Heavy Cruisers. The Ivan was a long standing ship well after the the Tholian Wars where it was reassigned border patrol on the Klingon Boundaries during the Klingon conflicts. She was brought back to Griffworks Shipyards on Regil IV where she was refitted with the higher class Warp nacelle. She was then returned to Border patrol on the Klingon Boundaries until she was re-refitted 15 years later.

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