USS Excalibur




Excalibur I


Federation, Starfleet





San Francisco Fleet Yards

Laid Down:






For additional meanings of "Excalibur", please see Excalibur (disambiguation).

The USS Excalibur was an Excalibur I-class Prototype launched from San Francisco Fleet Yards in 2288 and severed the Federation through the 23rd and 24th centuries.



Construction of the Excalibur began in 2285 at San Francisco Fleet Yards under the supervision of Captain Johnathan Sanders. The vessels construction was record time as Starfleet wanted the ship to be built and running as soon as possible. The ships super-structure was built within 9 months with the Main Computer being installed 6 weeks later. By 2288 the Excalibur was complete and was launched the same year.

Trial Runs

The Excalibur was finally complete in 2288 and left Starbase 1 for test runs. Most of the ships systems were working beyond expectations such as the newly developed sensor grid and the new Phasers and Photon Torpedoes. The ships Warp Engines managed a cruising speed of Warp 6 and a Maximum speed of Warp 9.2, however the ships maneuverability was disappointing as the ship took about 50 seconds or more at Impulse and the turn took a radius of about 20 KM to do a turn of 180'. Engineers managed to tweak the thrusters so that the ship took 20 seconds or more at Impulse and the turn took a radius of about 10 KM. This didn’t expectations however Starfleet believed that it was Satisfactory. So therefore in 2289, Starfleet commissioned the Excalibur and ordered the construction of more Excalibur-class vessel.



Starfleet Command received the distress call of the USS Discovery so they decided to send out their newest vessel the Excalibur. The Excalibur found the Discovery near the Folian Neutral Zone and escorted it back to Earth at Starbase 1. The Excalibur was then later sent out to intercept the Discovery and bring her back to Earth. Admiral Martha Mcbeath refused on turning the Discovery around so Captain Edward Stobbs ordered the Excalibur at the Discovery. Mcbeath then jettisoned the cargo of the Discovery. Among the Discovery’s was a Folian Prototype Dampening Field that hit the Excalibur and drained all its power leaving it dead in space. The Excalibur then was picked up by a Tug and towed back to Earth.