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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Federation starship launched in 2257, originally under command of Christopher Pike.



The Enterprise was constructed in Riverside Shipyards in 2255. It was made to launch in 2258 with it's maiden voyage. Vice Admiral Scurit Barge was the commanding officer of the construction. It only took a year to get the hull complete, and two for the interior. Once it was complete in 2258 and all the systems were working, it was towed to the Earth Spacedock for supplying. By a week everything was in place and it was ready for launch.

Unplanned Maiden VoyageEdit

There was a distress signal from Vulcan. Since most of the fleet was in the Laurentian system, command assigned cadets onto the starships in orbit of Earth. The Enterprise being one of the ships, was launched and sent to Vulcan. As the other eight ships left, the Enterprise was delayed from warping out. The ship's acting helm officer, Hikaru Sulu, forgot to disengage the inertial dampener. The Enterprise left the system and went on course to Vulcan.

A stowaway, James T. Kirk, heard the mission briefing from Pavel Chekov and figured out that Vulcan was being attacked. He brought the news to Nyota Uhura and then to Pike. Pike made the decision to take Kirk's words into consideration. Once they arrived at Vulcan, Kirk's accusations were correct and the planet was being attacked by the Romulan, Nero.

Pike was sent to go to Nero's starship, Narada, to "make agreements". On the shuttle ride over, Kirk, Sulu, and Olsen, were launched down to the Narada's drilling platform. With the demise of Olsen, Kirk and Sulu destroyed the drilling platform. It was too late, as the rogue Romulans had finished drilling to the core of the planet, and sent red matter into it. Spock beamed down to retrieve the Vulcan council. They came back, with Amanda Grayson falling to her death. The planet imploded in a black hole. The Narada left with Pike still on it, and the Enterprise roamed away.

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