USS Emma






Federation, Starfleet


Destroyed 2346


The USS Emma (registered as NCC-10034) was a Federation Miranda-class starship that disappeared in Sector 107-A.

Captain Johansen came into command after his predecessor died in a power overload in the ships Engineering. Johansen was well liked among most of his crew and trusted most of all.

Johansen defected from the Federation, agreeing to meet the USS Enterprise-C in Sector 107-A with a shipment of much-needed supplies. En route, he came into direct conflict with the alien pirate vessel the Trela. The pirates critically damaged the Emma and ordered Johansen to lower his shields and prepare to be boarded. Johansen agreed, but beamed onto the Trela with the remainder of his crew at the same instant that the shields were dropped for the pirates to board.

The Emma was scuttled by Johansen after he took command of the Trela, but he left a subspace message onboard a Class-2 probe should the Enterprise-C find it.

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