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USS Cochrane
Excelsior class






Destroyed (2344)


The USS Cochrane (NCC-30184) was an Excelsior-class starship commanded by Vice Admiral Black from 2341 to 2344. The Cochrane was named after Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of the warp engine.

Service RecordEdit

The Cochrane was commissioned in 2341, under the command of Admiral Black. As a ship under the direct control of the Brotherhood, it secretly carried out missions that were for the greater benefit of the Brotherhood and its members.

The Cochrane attacked several Romulan colonies as a result of Narendra III, which was legally publicized as attacking several weapon storage facilities the Federation believed were being used to manufacture WMDs. Several survivors escaped and the news of the attack got out. the Brotherhood did what they could to erase all knowledge of the event, but some news still circulated about the event.


In 2344, to get himself back into the good graces of the President, Black and the Cochrane were given the "honor" of taking a group of Starfleet Academy students on a field tour. During the tour, the Cochrane was attacked by Romulan survivors of the attack of months previous. The Cochrane was critically damaged; those of the crew and students who survived were rescued by the USS Admonitor and the USS Enterprise-C.

Crew Manifest (known)Edit

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