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USS Challenger
Constitution class challenger






Federation, Starfleet


Active (2273)

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The USS Challenger (NCC-1812) was Constitution-class starship in the 23rd century, in service of Starfleet.


Captain Walker

Markus Walker took command of the Challenger in 2245. One of his most infamous exploits was the kidnapping of a Klingon female after a victorious battle. Shortly afterward, he killed her. This was one of the very few who were not affected by the Augment virus, and her death was perceived as the killing-off of the old Klingon Empire by Human arrogance, and this led to further conflicts between the Empire and the Federation during the 2260s.

Captain Hatcher

Hatcher effectively took command of the Challenger after the resignation of Markus Walker. The Challenger and crew made multiple voyages of exploration in the undiscovered space in the Alpha Quadrant for about two years until it mysteriously disappeared.

Information later surfaced that Hatcher had been in conspiracy with Lucian Fairview, a well known anti-unity activist who was deemed an enemy of the state. Several pieces of debris were found near the site where the Challenger was last seen and the captain and crew were presumed dead. The pieces of scrap metal from the ship, one of which held the name and designation of the Challenger, were welded together by by a now unknown sculpture artist and made into a piece of art known as "Lost At Sea".


USS Challenger Crew
Command Markus Walker • Travis M. Hatcher
Executive Evos
Second Alja Djurhuus
Science Kathryn Avery
Tactical James Maddox
Helm Purity Walker
Medical T'kol
Engineering Michael Thorpe
Security William Berkeley
Communications Erin LeClare