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USS Bajor
USS Bajor






Explorer, cruiser


Federation, Starfleet





40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards


9 August 2409 Earth Standard



82 officers
963 enlisted personnel


Warp 9.4 (sustained)
Warp 9.98 (40 minutes maximum)


11 Type X phaser arrays
2 torpedo launchers
180 quantum torpedoes


Deflector shields
Ablative armor


USS Glyrhond (Yellowstone-class runabout)
Shoemaker (Type-8 shuttlecraft)
Bopp (Type-8 shuttlecraft)
Al-Birjandi (Type-7 shuttlecraft)

Bajor fighting Orions at Ultima Thule
USS Bajor engaging Orion corvettes and a Marauder-class cruiser in the Ultima Thule system in 2409.
"Morituri Nolumus Mori"
— ship's motto

The USS Bajor was a Galaxy-class starship that entered service in mid-2409. She was commanded by Captain Kanril Eleya.


Construction and launch

The USS Bajor was part of the twenty-third production series of Galaxy-class starships. Her keel was laid at the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards. Production Series 23 had the project codename "Planet-class," as each of the twenty-eight vessels in the series was named after a member world of the United Federation of Planets.

In June 2409 Commander Kanril Eleya's previous command USS George Hammond was condemned by Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards due to severe battle damage sustained in a three-way fight between Starfleet, the True Way, and the Klingon Defense Force. After a board of inquiry cleared her of wrongdoing, she was promoted to captain and offered the command of her choice. She requested the unfinished Bajor, and most of her surviving crew joined her.

Service history

The Bajor and her sister ships were completed and launched on 9 August 2409. In the first month of her life the Bajor fought in over a dozen sorties against the Klingon Defense Force, then was diverted to Eta Eridani sector block to investigate the Devidians sighted during the boarding of the CDS Axon. Kanril ended up having to work with Section 31 Agent Franklin Drake, over the strenuous objections of both her and most of her crew who were cleared to know about it. Drake eventually sent Kanril and company back in time, twice, to defeat the Devidians' attack on a 23nd century Drozana Station, then controlled by the Federation. The more powerful weapons of the Bajor enabled her to defeat a half-dozen D7-class battle cruisers that interrupted the operation.

The Bajor was rotated off the front lines in mid-November due to an ebb in the war, and reassigned to a three-week survey mission in the Delta Volanis cluster. During this time Operations Officer Lieutenant T'Var was offered promotion to lieutenant commander and command of the USS Olokun, and with Kanril's encouragement accepted both.

Two weeks into the mission the Bajor was reassigned to the Beta Ursae Fleet Area, headquartered at Deep Space 9. Kanril put T'Var off the ship and took aboard Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra as her replacement. (For further details, see the story Bait and Switch.)

Technical data

Owing in large part to the stressful times into which she was born, the Series 23 Galaxy-class was designed for increased endurance, survivability, and combat capabilities over earlier versions.

Propulsion systems

The Series 23 powerplants were completely redesigned for increased safety. The warp drive was powered by an experimental dilithium-free matter/antimatter reactor intended to be more fuel-efficient and far less susceptible to a core breach. Instead of relying on dilithium crystals to moderate a supercritical mass of deuterium and anti-hydrogen, the reaction chamber contained at any given time only the bare minimum fuel necessary to keep the reaction going. The emergency shutdown procedure now simply consisted of shutting off the fuel lines. As a backup, the core ejection system operated on a deadman switch principle, with electromagnets attached to mechanical circuit-breakers. If the power was interrupted, the reactor would simply drop out the bottom of the ship.

Advancements in warp propulsion allowed the Bajor to achieve incredible bursts of speed, sustaining up to warp 9.98 for forty minutes. However, this resulted in the core needing to be taken completely offline afterwards to cool off, diminishing power available to other systems.

Tactical systems

The Bajor featured the same type and number of phaser arrays as earlier models. The phasers could be individually set into a computer-controlled point defense mode capable of targeting incoming torpedoes.

Instead of photon torpedoes, the Bajor and her sister ships carried fewer but more powerful quantum torpedoes.


The hull of the Bajor was heavily reinforced and features a full meter of ablative armor.

Kanril's crew also put the navigational deflector to use as an active combat defense. During an engagement with rogue Jem'Hadar in the Malon System, she ordered the deflector set to maximum possible power, with energy transferred from the engines and aft shields. This enabled the Bajor to easily deflect an attempted ramming attack by a Jem'Hadar attack ship in December 2409. (B&S: "No, It's Not, Either")

Interior design

The USS Bajor and her sister ships carried most of the same crew amenities as earlier models, but as crew families had not been allowed aboard Starfleet vessels since before the Dominion War, the nursery and schoolroom were converted to other purposes.

Main bridge

The Bajor's bridge has a similar structure to previous models. During combat the space around the vessel is displayed as a hologram in front of the captain's chair, which shows the locations and headings of any sensor contacts relative to the ship.

Recreational facilities

Red Sky at Night (Ten Forward)

The Emerald Isle

Red Sky at Night

As on other Galaxy-class starships, compartment Ten Forward was the Bajor's primary crew lounge. It was operated by head bartender Nalak Lang, a civilian contractor in the ship's operations department, who dubbed it "Red Sky at Night" (though it was still usually called Ten Forward by crew members).


Like other Galaxy-class vessels the Bajor carried sixteen holodecks on decks eight through ten. They included the improved control systems incorporated in all holodecks since the Series 3 Galaxy, ensuring they would automatically shut down in the event of any serious malfunction and remain inoperable until the chief engineer's override code was received. The computer would also automatically modify any holoprogram to include an unremovable circuit-breaker on the floor by the door, positioned to be hidden from view by scenery for immersion purposes. The exterior wall likewise featured a mechanical master switch under an access panel.

Holodeck Three was damaged by a photon torpedo strike during a battle in the Dreon system in December 2409. (B&S: "Asymptotic to Death")


The Bajor included separate gyms for officers and enlisted personnel. The officers' gym was on deck eight and featured adjustable gravity fields for each station.


Although Kanril herself was not a particularly devout member of the Bajoran religion, her crew had a larger than average percentage of Bajorans, and so she had compartment 0847 on deck 8 converted to a Bajoran temple for their use. Prylar Symene Jyn'fossy served as chaplain.


Main article: USS Bajor/Personnel

In December 2409 the crew of the USS Bajor comprised 82 officers and 963 enlisted personnel, for a total size of 1,045 people. (B&S: "Nebula Surveys are Boring. Film at Eleven.")

Bajorans made up roughly fifteen percent of the crew. (B&S: "Reality Is Fluid, Part I")

Dedication plaque

U.S.S. Bajor
Galaxy-class Exploration Cruiser, Production Series 23
Starfleet Registry NCC-97238
40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards
Launched 9 August 2409 Earth Standard
United Federation of Planets

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Behind the scenes

The USS Bajor was created by StarSword-C for his story Bait and Switch. Her design, particularly of the reactor, was influenced by essays by Canadian engineer Michael Wong, owner of