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USS Au-delà
USS Discovery and USS Au-Dela









Utopia Planitia

Laid Down:






Nebulas Class Starship

The USS Au-Dela (NCC-74749) was a Nebulas-class Explorer in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century. The Au-Dela was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2269 and was placed under the command of Captain Johnstone.


The USS Au-Dela was first seen in orbit around Talos V. Its mission was to survey the collapsing planet. Unaware that collapsing Suns and Planets admit a type of radiation that makes people drunk. When the USS Discovery was suppose to rendezvous with the Au-Dela but she didn’t arrive. So Commodore Mcbeath ordered the Discovery to find the Au-Dela. They found her in orbit around Talos V. They found that all the crew of the Au-Dela were frozen as they had tampered with the Environmental Controls. The Discovery managed to find a cure. Just then the planet exploded. Captain Smith used the Tractor Beam of the Discovery to Swing Shot the Au-Dela into the shock-wave to slow it down. This destroyed the ship. However since the Discovery was on dangerous overload, the ship zoomed up to over Warp 10. This made the ship go back in time before the crew of the Au-Dela froze themselves. The Discovery gave the cure to the crew of the Au-Dela and both vessels left the planets orbit together.

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