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For additional meanings of "Excalibur", please see Excalibur (disambiguation).

The UPA Excalibur (ASR-90881) was a starship made for exploration. It had two captains prior to 2430. It was part of Task Force Omega-3. It was under the American Starfleet. One of the most remembered captains was Tana sh'Elaith. It was a big pawn in the Third American-Soviet war.

Senior StaffEdit

Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
  • Yynokara Kuaslara (2426 - 2429)
  • Tana sh'Elaith (2429 - 2430)
  • Brian Warner (2430 - ?)



Even though at the current time, the United Planets wanted to still launch exploratory missions. The Excalibur was made for that purpose. After the construction, Arrian Streep was made Commanding Officer. They were sent out to explore the Contans sector, specifically. The Contans sector was one of the biggest system, it was far outlying the galaxy.

Though the ship was made for exploration, it got in battles with native Contans species. It also helped with making first contact and adding many new members to the Planets.

Five year missionEdit

After the entire Contans sector was mapped out. The American Command had promoted a lot of the officers aboard. Arrian was promoted to move to Starfleet Headquarters. Tana was promoted to Commanding Officer. Since a lot of the senior staff where promoted and transferred, many new crewmembers came aboard in 2431.

They sent the Excalibur to go on a five-year mission to explore the Tolu Sector, which was dangerously close to the Soviet border. It was refitted with better weaponry just in case. It was also transferred to the Task Force Omega-3, which was commanded by Tana's husband Thysharthan ch'Uraan.

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