Type 11 Shuttlecraft


Heavy long-range warp shuttle





4 crew, 6 passengers


Warp 6


2 micro-torpedo launchers (fore and aft)
4 Type-V phaser emitters


Deflector shields


The Type 11 shuttlecraft was a Federation auxiliary craft in use onboard starships in the 24th century.


With an ultimate goal towards creating a useful all-purpose shuttlecraft, the designers of the Type-11 Personnel Shuttle set out to create a craft that was equipped with all the systems of a starship within the shell of a relatively small shuttle. Allocation of the larger Danube-class runabout to starships in the field proved too costly, and with the expressed need by the Sovereign-class development team for a capable shuttle, the Type 11 was born.


The overall frame of the Type 11 and its components are a combination of lessons learned in both the Type 9 and Danube-class vessels. Impressive shielding, several phaser emitters, micro-torpedo launchers and a capable warp propulsion system makes this shuttle capable of performing a multitude of tasks.

Both the ventral and dorsal areas of the shuttle feature a new magnaclamp docking port that is capable of linking up to other ships that are similarly equipped. A two-person transporter and a large aft compartment with a replicator makes the shuttlecraft versatile. The expectation of this all-purpose shuttle is that it will replace the more specific-purpose shuttlecrafts already attached on starships, reducing the amount of space needed for shuttle storage in already-cramped hangar bays. The Type 11 has now been deployment outside of the Sovereign-class.

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