Mirror Universe
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Terran Empire, Imperial Starfleet
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ISS Voyager


Lieutenant Commander

Tuvok (mirror)
Tuvok undercover

In the mirror universe, Tuvok is a male Vulcan, a member of the Terran Empire who went undercover as a Terran Rebellion member.

Early Career

Tuvok grew up in the hey-day of the Terran Empire, when it ruled with an iron fist over those races it had conquered. The Vulcan race was especially feared due to their ruthlessness. However, at the age of nine, Tuvok began adhering to the old-Surakian ideals of logic rather than the Terran principles of violence and ruthlessness.

During his early life, he witnessed (first hand in some cases) the events that would bring about the end of the Terran Empire. Though he was ashamed that it was Spock, a fellow Vulcan who was responsible for the downfall of the greatest galactic empire ever known, Tuvok did not loose faith in his people. However, due to his excellent record in science and tactics, Tuvok was forced into Imperial Conscription.

Fallen Empire

When the Terran Empire was pushed back to the Sol system in 2295 Tuvok temporarily retired from the Imperial Starfleet before he returned in the 2250's by 2369 Tuvok had heard of a starship under construction this ship was the ISS Voyager. Two years later in 2371 he was asked to join the crew of Voyager by Kathryn Janeway. His first mission was to go undercover at Terrok Nor to investigate the rising Terran Rebellion to see if they could one day merge with the remnants of the Empire.

When they came under attack by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance Tuvok was saved by Chakotay of the IKS Val Jean

ISS Voyager

In 2371 Tuvok was stranded in the Delta Quadrant for seven years with the ISS Voyager and the crew of the IKS Val Jean. Tuvok helped to convince many new species to join the Terran Empire and the Terran Rebellion in their war against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. These new species included the Hirogen, Ocampa, Talaxian, Kazon, Benthan, Cravic, Hazari, Overlooker, Malon, Kadi, Kobali, Krenim, Vidiian, Voth, Vaadwaur and Turei.

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