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Mirror Mirror Tuvok by stourangeau

In the mirror universe, Tuvok is a male Vulcan, formerly a member of the Terran Rebellion who later joined the New Terran Empire.

Early CareerEdit

Tuvok grew up in the hey-day of the Terran Empire, when it ruled with an iron fist over those races it had conquered. The Vulcan race was especially feared due to their ruthlessness. However, at the age of nine, Tuvok began adhering to the old-Surakian ideals of logic rather than the Terran principles of violence and ruthlessness.

During his early life, he witnessed (first hand in some cases) the events that would bring about the end of the Terran Empire. Though he was ashamed that it was Spock, a fellow Vulcan who was responsible for the downfall of the greatest galactic empire ever known, Tuvok did not loose faith in his people. However, due to his excellent record in science and tactics, Tuvok was forced into Imperial Conscription.

Slavery and RebellionEdit

Like with so many other former Terran Empire races, those who resisted were enslaved. So it was with the Vulcans, and so it was that Tuvok found himself separated from T'Pel (a fellow rebel with whom he was rather close) and deported to Terok Nor. Here he became associated with certain Terrans who began a small rebellion that later escalated into the greatest crippling blow to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in almost one hundred years.

Imperial ServiceEdit

In 2371, with the Alliance still in power, Tuvok received a visit from an anonymous Terran general who was recruiting people for a New Terran Empire, one which he saw would rise again in four years time. Though Tuvok was not happy with the idea of returning to the old tyrannies, the general appealed to "logic" and Tuvok was convinced.

His first assignment was to act as a spy among the Terran Rebellion in order to keep tabs on their progress and aid them whenever possible. This led him to the Badlands, where he and several others were thrown into the Delta Quadrant. They were later rescued by ISS Voyager, during which Tuvok took command as First Officer.

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