Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

Tristan Carlisle Marshall
Tristan Marshal








August 10th 2364





USS Templar


Admiral, Captain




Other Relatives:

Carlisle Marshall (father), Pamela Marshall (mother)

For additional meanings of "Marshall", please see Marshall (disambiguation).

Due to the actions of Nero in the 23rd century, the future spun into an alternate timeline where events happened differently. In this timeline, Tristan Carlisle Marshall was a male Human who was the first officer aboard the Templar under the command of Captain Robert Griffin. After Griffin was killed, Tristan became captain. He and his crew explored much of the unknown regions of the galaxy. He also battled many threats to the Federation including the Ultari Empire. His heroism earned him many awards and also promoted him to the rank of admiral in 2425.

Personality and Physical Appearance

Marshall is a clever and very resourceful man. He is also known to be an opportunist, using any weaknesses in his enemies to his advantage. But he is also an honorable and compassionate man. He is also very trusting of his officers, a fact that has saved and hurt him in the past. He believes in goodness of others. But unlike his prime universe counterpart, he does not distrust Klingons since his parents weren't killed by them. He has a great love of history and literature. Some of the works he has collected include The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. He is lean and muscular. Marshal is 6'2" . He has brown eyes and hair. He has worn a goatee on occasion.

Childhood and Early Starfleet Career

Tristan was born to Carlisle and Pamela Marshall aboard the Starfleet ship the USS Endeavor in the year 2364. He spent his most of his childhood and early adolescence aboard the ship. While on a diplomatic mission a battle ensued when renegade Klingons attacked the Endeavor. The ship escaped but not without sustaining heavy damage and costing captain Patrick Wallace his life.

Upon Wallace's death Carlisle became captain of the Endeavor. He was able to pursue the Klingons, lead by a warrior named Tanas and brought the warlord to justice. Tristan remained on the Endeavor, learning much about starships. When he was 18 he was accepted to Starfleet Academy. There, he met Fredrick Drake and the two became good friends.

When they were 22 they were sent along with seven other cadets to the space station Trident. There, they were taught by the legendary Starfleet captain Jean-Luc Picard. Picard took a special liking to Tristan and the two became friends.

Aboard the Templar

Captain of the Templar

The Second Year

Discovery on Ceti Alpha 5

The Second Eugenics War

Admiral Marshall