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Thysharthan ch'Uraan


Chaan (Male)






United Planets of America



UPA Aeon (ASR-50226)


Fleet captain


Thysharthan ch'Uraan (Commonly referred to as Shar). was an American Starfleet officer. He was the co-developer of the Andorian Serum, which he made with his wife Tana sh'Elaith. He is prized commanding officer of the UPA Aeon (ASR-50226) and Task Group Neptune.


Early LifeEdit

Shar was born to four Andorians. Each of them were separate professions. Most of the time, they were separated. He had one older sister Tseal zh'Uraan, who cared for him most of the time. He wasn't happy growing up under the parentage of his sister. He had ran away from home countless times when his real parents were back on-world. When he was seventeen, Shar had gone too far and accidentally left Andor on a freighter.

He couldn't do anything, being stuck in the cargo hold; he waited until the ship docked at it's other station. When the crew of the FS Avuria (CC-349022) had opened the cargo hold, and shocked to see Shar, they brought him to the Starfleet Headquarters to contact his parents.

Shar had befriended a starfleet officer on the few days he was on Earth, waiting for his parents. Commander Naomi Wildman had showed him around the Starfleet campus. Being amazed at what they do, he decided that he wanted to stay on Earth to go to the Academy.

When one of his parents did come, he told her the news. She didn't say anything to him and left the following day. He went to the Academy campus when the new semester started. He decided to choose the career of a scientist.

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