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Thomas O'Reilly
Thomas O'Reilly
Thomas O'Reilly, c. 2370s








Federation, Starfleet



unknown positions (2335-2350)
Instructor (2350-2361)
unknown position (2361-2376)


USS Lyra (2335–2340)
Starbase 11 (2340–2344)
Psi Vesta IV (2344–2350)
Starfleet Academy (2350–2361)
unknown posting (2361-2376)


2373 Command Ensign (2335) 2373 Command Lieutenant JG (2338) 2373 Command Lieutenant (2342) 2373 Command Lieutenant Commander (2348) 2373 Command Commander (2354) unknown ranks (2361-2376)


Active (2376)


Marital Status:

Married (2336)


Hanne Lindholm


Scott O'Reilly


Thomas O'Reilly was a Human Starfleet officer active in the 24th century.


Thomas O'Reilly attended Starfleet Academy from 2331 to 2335. He was assigned to the USS Lyra immediately after graduation. Soon after his arrival on the Lyra, O'Reilly met Lieutenant junior grade Hanne Lindholm, another young officer. They quickly became romantically involved and were married the next year.

In 2338, Lindholm became pregnant with their son Scott. During this time, it was rare to find families aboard starships - most were found on planets, starbases, or other facilities better equipped to accommodate the needs of both Starfleet personnel and civilians. However, Lindholm was reluctant to leave her starship career and Captain Mahkora sh'Yandev was equally loath to lose her second officer. With Lindholm and O'Reilly's agreement, Captain sh'Yandev arranged for them to stay aboard.

Even as both enjoyed their roles as new parents and Lindholm's career continued to thrive, O'Reilly grew restless aboard the Lyra. He eventually came to accept that starship duty was not for him and that he would be happier and more useful in another posting. Not long after, he was offered a transfer, complete with promotion, to Starbase 11. Again, Lindholm was hesitant to leave the ship, but decided she would rather be with her husband and son than alone on the Lyra. Though the move itself was uneventful, trouble soon followed. Lindholm grew as discontented on Starbase 11 as her husband had on their previous posting. She missed starship duty, so Thomas urged her to apply for another post. In 2341, she accepted an assignment as first officer aboard the USS Tatsumi. Scott remained behind with his father.

A year later, O'Reilly was promoted to full Lieutenant and in 2344, he was transferred again, this time to the Starfleet facility on Psi Vesta IV.

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