Terran MACO


Terran Empire, New Terran Empire


Imperial Starfleet



Central Leaders:

Empress of the Terran Empire
Imperial Council

Commanding Officers:

Hoshi Sato (central)
Edward Shield
Lianna Young
Macha Hernandez


Black Guard
Imperial Secret Service
Terran Imperial Army
Imperial Marine Corps
Imperial Guard

For additional meanings of "MACO", please see MACO (disambiguation).

In the mirror universe, the Terran Military Assault Command Operations was the military organization known otherwise as the "Fist of the Terran Empire", which served the Terran Empire until the downfall of the latter.


Unlike the MACOs of the prime universe, Terran MACOs are associated with the Imperial Starfleet. However, they are not the military force of the Empire, which, like the Federation, relied heavily on its Starfleet.

Terran MACOs were exceptionally more ruthless than their prime universe counterparts. It was even rumored that they were trained to be emotionless, to relish killing, to give their lives in service to the Empire and to be almost physically indestructible. These are mostly regarded as rumors, since the Gorn Slar was able to kill several while onboard the USS Defiant in 2155.

Regardless, the MACOs of the 23rd and early 24th centuries were sometimes viewed as such. Some were even given cybernetic implants to make them "indestructible". Alicia Rookwood, the only known member of the Terran MACOs, is said to have no knowledge of her past; this might be a reference to brain-washing techniques used during training.


Old Terran Empire

The Terran MACOs were created originally as secret police in service to the Emperor. However, with many and various mutinies aboard Imperial starships becoming commonplace, they were assigned to the personal command of the captain to serve as personal bodyguards.

After the fall of the Terran Empire, MACOs were no longer used.

New Terran Empire

In 2385, with the rise of the New Terran Empire, the MACOs were reinstated and reorganized.

Subdivisions of New MACOs

  • Black Guard - the highest ranking MACO, and therefore the most dangerous. Black Guard are fanatically loyal to whomever they are assigned to, and are highly trained and conditioned to be the perfect killing machines.
  • Imperial Secret Police - similar to the Cardassian Obsidian Order, the Terran KGB or SS, these MACOs are conditioned to seek out and destroy potential threats to whomever they are assigned. Their loyalties lie to the Commander-in-Chief alone, and therefore they are not usually trusted as personal bodyguards, since commanders fear the Secret Police might report on their actions.
  • Imperial Army - General Shield believed that the Imperial Army shouldn't be filled only with conscripts, which he called "little better than militia", so he ordered that a fourth of the MACOs be sent to the Imperial Army to serve as soldiers, who would also train the conscripts into new soldiers for the Army.
  • Imperial Guard - A branch of the Terran Imperial Special Services that existed since Empress Sato's rise to power in the 2160s. Ruthless and brutal in powered armor (seen at right) the Imperial Guard acts as the MACO division that deals in all of the Empires most secret and dirty operations.