Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Terran (Warship VOY) 0001

Planet of Origin:



Terran Alliance (Primary), Imperial Federation of United Worlds

Environmental Needs:

Nitrogen/Carbon Monoxide

Life Span:

150-200 Years

For prime universe species, see Human.

Terrans within the Star Trek: Warship Voyager universe are the primary multi evolutionary branched species of Earth and one of the central members of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds.


Similar to the Xindi and somewhat surprisingly unique and rare about Terran species physiology is that while most species make only one evolutionary pathway Terrans have several branched species and sub-species all directly genetically related within the same evolutionary genome. What else is unique is that every species of Terran performs each a specific task according to their intelligence and physical capability and so are placed into various castes or ranks of duty within Terran society. The following is a list detailing the sub-species of Terran Society as well as their duties within the Alliance.

Basic HumanoidEdit

Humanoid Terrans are the primary soldier and infantry unit of the Alliance as well as the most commonly seen form of Terran throughout most of Human/Terran contact history (in fact other species of Terran were not known until the second Earth/Mars War in 2064. All Humanoid Terrans are Tripedal with 4 primary upper limbs (arms), and while Humanoid Terrans are in both male and female genders, both appear to have no visibly seen reproductive organs (due to the fact that this system couldn't even be seen when the body was surgically opened it was assumed for nearly a century by Imperial scientists that Terrans were A-sexual and only capable of self-reproduction).

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