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The Temporal Integrity Commission (abbreviated TIC) was a 29th century agency charged with the task of protecting the timeline from alteration and upholding the Temporal Accords. The TIC was the successor of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations and predecessor of the Federation Temporal Agency, which (unlike the TIC) were both civilian organizations. 


The Commission detected the USS Voyager's anomalous presence in Earth orbit in the year 1996]. To correct this anomaly, Starfleet Captain Braxton was dispatched in the Federation timeship USS Aeon to escort Voyager back to its proper place and time: the Delta Quadrant in 2373.

Alternate Universes


The TIC was founded in 2700 when its duties split from the Department of Temporal Investigations. It was a division of the Department and was headquartered on Soreve

It was founded when the first timeships were created. The USS Adams was the first functional timeship with correct operation.

In the 2880s, the Wells-class was placed into operation. In 2885, there were seven vessels of this class in the Commission: USS Rubicon; USS Relativity; USS Pastak; USS Momentum; USS Wells; USS Providence; USS Hawkings.