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Task Force Vulcan is a task force in the United Federation of Planets. Task Force Vulcan is made up mostly of successor starships destroyed in the Battle of Vulcan. The Task Force was used to build the fleet back up after the Enterprise destroyed the Romulan starship Narada. Captain Thaddeus Rice was the commanding officer of Task Force Vulcan in 2258. Thaddeus's starship the USS Endeavor was the command ship of the Task Force. It's sister Task Force was Task Force Andor

Ships and CaptainsEdit

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Star Trek: Endeavor
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Characters: Thaddeus RiceAurora DixonLogan James FranksDuna BerryFrancis BerryDosin OjakkMalithak ch'TishtahanGailaKalvan StuartUssan BelaisaKandra Keax
Ships: USS EndeavorUSS FarragutUSS HoodUSS DonatelloUSS Shakespeare
Episodes: The WormholeEndlessFriends and Foes • The Battle • Transwarp • Complications • The Travel • No Hope • Home

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